Article for action

In this article Petit argues that the U.S. needs to expand there nuclear programs.  He says that given the environmental crises we face concerning fossil fuels nuclear power is the best direction to take because it has zero carbon emissions. He gives examples on other countries like India that have expanded there nuclear programs in order to meet energy demands. He believes that they will be better off for it and if the U.S. does not catch up we will be left behind. In the article Petit acknowledges that nuclear power has its disadvantages such as cost and shear size but if improvements are made we have much to benefit from them. Even though this article did not call for a very specif action I thought this idea is a great start. I like the approach because in recent years nuclear power has not fared well in public opinion and this article does acknowledge the fears people have. But it also presents reason why those fears can be forgotten because of certain improvements made. He explains their benefits and the U.S. should encourage nuclear growth. He does not go into great detail about specif locations and energy outputs he wishes to see but his article is a very good start to begin a movement back to nuclear power.


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