Nov 30

Energy production may be one of the greatest problems we face today. Energy and power are so intertwined with our lives many people can’t even imagine a world without them. I know it is difficult to feel emotional attachment problems as mathematical and political as energy production but I believe moving forward requires people to become so. One thing that most people should and normally do feel very strong about is this country. How far can we proceed if we are dependent on foreign oil. History tells us not very far. We have a solution though right in front of us and that is nuclear power. It is time to implement nuclear power as a dominate source of energy in the U.S. and I believe that can start by reintroducing nuclear power to Colorado.


Article for action

In this article Petit argues that the U.S. needs to expand there nuclear programs.  He says that given the environmental crises we face concerning fossil fuels nuclear power is the best direction to take because it has zero carbon emissions. He gives examples on other countries like India that have expanded there nuclear programs in order to meet energy demands. He believes that they will be better off for it and if the U.S. does not catch up we will be left behind. In the article Petit acknowledges that nuclear power has its disadvantages such as cost and shear size but if improvements are made we have much to benefit from them. Even though this article did not call for a very specif action I thought this idea is a great start. I like the approach because in recent years nuclear power has not fared well in public opinion and this article does acknowledge the fears people have. But it also presents reason why those fears can be forgotten because of certain improvements made. He explains their benefits and the U.S. should encourage nuclear growth. He does not go into great detail about specif locations and energy outputs he wishes to see but his article is a very good start to begin a movement back to nuclear power.

Statistic argument

The average nuclear power plant in the U.S. generates about 12.2 billion kilowatt hours of a year.  This is more that enough to power over 1 million homes for the same duration.  To this in perspective this is the same amount of energy generated by about 2596 wind turbines, 2310606061 square miles of solar panels, 305 billion gallons of gasoline, and 8.1 million tons of coal.  Yet there is not one nuclear power plant in Colorado.  That needs to change.


When it comes to energy production and new ideas I think it is very important that a reader have a very open mind that is curious to know more.  It is very easy to be content and comfortable with the familiar.  And when this is a persons current stance improvement and progress in the positive direction is difficult. This why i believe that readers need to have a very open mind.  There are a lot of misconceptions surrounding nuclear power.  The average person does not know a whole lot about it.  In fact a common conception about nuclear power is one portrayed by TV shows like the Simpsons that involves evil billionaires and 3 eyed fish.  People need to be open to knew information about nuclear power and willing to put aside the negative stereotypes associated with it. 


There is no quenching our need for energy.  We are consuming all the resources at our disposal at an exponential rate.  The need to change becomes increasingly more urgent with each passing year.  We need to decrease our dependencies on fossil fuels.  There is no denying the environmental harm caused by our consumption of fossil fuels and the economic and political problems around oil are ever present.  It looks as though the only thing that will stop us is that someday these resources will be depleted and there are few things more certain than that.  It is time to look to other sources and I believe that Nuclear power is the solution, which despite the destruction the word “Nuclear” insinuates is a clean and self-reliant source of energy.  We have a tremendous problem today with energy.  But we are blessed with a solution.   It’s time we act on it.

Thoughts on Energy

Energy is one of the more significant issues we are faced with.  Our society consumes mass sums of energy and I believe that the success of our future relies on our ability to find and implement a practical source of clean renewable energy,

I am studying to be an engineer and energy consumption is an issue that we will have to deal with.   My views on energy are that eventual we will have to evolve from our dependence on fossil fuels to a more renewable and cleaner source on energy.  I am hoping to learn more about the alternate forms of energy such as wind, hydro, solar, and nuclear power as well as any other forms that may be out there.